Contemporary Concrete House in Insulated Formwork

The use of insulated concrete form house plans for the construction of concrete houses is probably the best technique for building healthy, sustainable and energy efficient homes. This technology is ideal for the coldest regions because it ensures warm, airtight houses that are resistant to all the problems encountered with timber framing houses such as rot, mold or fire. In addition, the thermal mass of the concrete makes the house less prone to freezing during periods of power failure. If you are planning to build a new home the concrete home should be the first on your list of requirements.

The detached concrete house offers exciting contemporary design opportunities. Today’s contemporary design places a particular emphasis on cast concrete and decorative concrete. The presence of concrete exterior walls can facilitate the realization of certain designs.

The steel reinforcement inserted in the concrete allows large horizontal openings without bending over the garage doors. Concrete walls can also be used as rigid support for reinforced concrete steps to create spectacular stairs.

It is believed that the insulating formwork only serves to make foundations but their most interesting use is mainly to extend the walls to the roof to create a perfect continuity of the insulation and the structure while creating a shell reinforced concrete structure.