Mute your brain Noise, Focus to fix your Attention

Lack of attention lies to most people they allege focus themselves.

People tend to prone into chaos and sometimes they need a beam of motivation to restore their attention to when they were, before they could distract!

Noise is a notion that is been taken either literally (sounds) or metaphorically (thoughts).

As balance between those two concepts of reality, we usually have a strong connection with an occasional equilibrium state of these two, subjectively speaking.

As a matter of fact, noise has to do with how noisy thoughts has anyone contain in their heads independently of any external sounds provoking their lack of attention.

Any human being needs to work on their attention (focus) to function correctly. The fact is, that some people cannot willing to use their mind mechanisms, is the thing that sometimes makes a situation unreachable and difficult to achieved…

Wild animals for instance, to hunt down their pray, need attention to concentrate on the hunt. People need attention to get done an amount of work correctly, without mistakes. I… need attention to write down my thoughts, right?!

Getting to the point by explaining my position;

…is that anyone of you who loves what is doing by giving all to it?

of course!

The person who’s doing that, has probably found attention earlier than the person who need to seek lifes’ purpose first…

Organize your thoughts and then learn reclaim attention by defying noise….