Am I a racist? Of course not but damn, those Asians sure were taking a lot of photos. Nah, that’s not racism. It’s stereotyping people. Still bad. I’ve got to stop doing that. I put the copy of the Daily Mail I’d been reading back on the pile.

Outside the shop they were laughing. They have a terrific sense of humour, surprisingly. Check out Shaolin Soccer if you don’t believe me.

I went to the door.

“You want me to take a photo of all of you?” I asked the girl. Even though I knew she could speak English, because she’d bought a bottle a water, I still did hand gestures. I sort of drew a circle with my finger. She was delighted, handed me her phone and went and stood with the others.

I took two because I wasn’t sure if any of them were blinking the first time. Because the screen was small and not because of anything else. They loved them and thanked me. They’re very polite. Not very tall. Probably great at running on rooftops. Travel around in paper Dragons Jesus Christ what’s wrong with me? I shook my head to clear the mad thoughts. I told myself I wasn’t going to read anymore newspapers even though there was nothing else to do all day.

I watched the Asians walk away. And, by the way, I thought of them as Asians because I didn’t want to presume they were Chinese. Could’ve just as easily been Korean. Didn’t matter to me. See, totally not racist.

Some Eastern Europeans were approaching and I stayed in the doorway long enough to confirm they weren’t installing a skimming device on our cash machine. They didn’t because most people are decent. I watched the Asians disappear around the corner. Nice guys. I hoped they didn’t get mugged by black people. Though if they did I supposed they might know Kung-fu, or the Korean equivalent. At least I hoped they did.

I went back in and picked up the Daily Mail.