It’s a funny word.

What is?



I mean, you have ‘not yet’. But you don’t have just ‘yet’. On its own.

Yeah you do. Yet he was still in the shot, ruining my photo. Yet the Idiot with the red trousers wouldn’t move.

That’s a different yet. That one means… yet. But, like, ‘not yet’. You say ‘not yet’. Then when it wasn’t ‘not yet’ it should be ‘yes yet’.

I suppose.

You don’t shout, ‘yet!’


What makes a man wear red trousers?


Must get to a certain age and think, I’ll get some red trousers.

Yeah. Not even red. It’s to distract from his head. Could he walk any slower? I’m sure he’s doing it on purpose.”

Just take the photo.

Not yet. Wanna just get the two pillars in and the manky water.

And when he moves I’m going to say ‘take the picture’ and you’re not going to say ‘okay yet’ are you?

I might.

Now. Not now. That makes sense. You have ‘now!’ But you don’t have ‘yet!’

Yeah, I get it. I’ll contact the Oxford English Dictionary.

It’s just a funny word.

It’s not that funny.

He’s going back now. He is doing it on purpose.

What a prick.