Your smile is precious and your teeth make it wonderful, if they are in the proper pattern. But if they are not; you need not to worry. If you are suffering from crossbite, underbite or overbite, these problems are perfectly curable. Overcrowding of teeth (dense teeth) or the problems of the widely spaced teeth are best cured by the envisaging dentist. This procedure of teeth straightening is very gradual. By this process you go under the least pain and discomfort since this process takes long time to straight your teeth. From 6 to 15 months are taken to complete this process and to restore your beautiful smile.

The process of invisalign is very simple yet very successful. Following are the some steps under which you go to complete this process.

· You go to the dentist who examines your teeth and the intensity of the problem and the required solution is discovered. The image of your smile is taken to better understand the problem. The three dimensional image of your teeth will be forecasted as how they will look like after the treatment will be completed.

· Dentist makes the custom made braces for your teeth which you will wear but this is not the end of the story.

· The first set of the invisalign aligners does not last more than 2 weeks and then is exchanged with another set of aligners. This process of exchanging of aligners goes on till your teeth do not take the final shape as it was forecasted in the three dimensional image at the inception of the treatment.

Invisalign is long but you need not to worry since invisalign braces are easy to wear and are unnoticeable. These braces are made of the transparent plastic and are invisible by appearance. There is no metal part in them. This means you can smile without worrying how your teeth would look when you are wearing them. So it is not forbidden to smile during the entire treatment of teeth straitening.

Cleaning of your teeth is mandatory and invisalign allows it -

Taking care of these invisalign braces is very simple. You can remove them when you eat or drink something and can wear them again. The cleaning during the treatment is very easy. You can remove your braces and can clean your teeth. This can ensure you the better health of your teeth and better cleaning of your teeth. Teeth whitening can also be done during the invisalign.

So envisaging dentist provides a solution of many problems and performs this smart treatment. If you are a teacher, you can go to class room wearing invisalign braces, if you are a businessman you can attend the meeting of the organization or you can meet your clients and none would notice your braces. So worry no longer, let your smile be more beautiful and full of life because you deserve it.

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