Celebrity Deaths | 10 Shocking Celebrity Deaths During A Movie’s Production | HD Video https://youtu.be/S7JNSE0KVnM http://bit.ly/2ffSLAu http://bit.ly/2eF6Tag celebrity deaths | recent deaths | actors who died | actresses who died young | famous actors that died | famous actors who died | Actors who died on set | 10 Actors who died on set | Actors who have dies on set | watchmojo | top 10 actors who dies on set | 10 | Heath Ledger | The Dark Knight | Jon-Erik Hexum | Brandon Lee | Fast and Furious | Paul Walker | Marilyn Monroe | The Hunger Games | Philip Seymour Hoffman | John Ritter | Oliver Reed | 8 Simple Rules | Movies | Films | #Films | film | List | Education | Death | Actors l latest famous deaths | famous people deaths | celebrity deaths today | celebrity death today | 0:00:00.000,0:00:05.790 film production can be a really dangerous business as we discussed in our video about ten incredibly hard to shoot movie scenes getting the perfect action shot can sometimes mean pulling off very risky stunts that have the potential to go disastrously wrong fortunately most productions have plenty of precautions and safeguards in place which means that onset deaths are very rare but there are still some famous cases of actors who died while filming and others who died before they could finish the current projects here are Movie Reviews 10 actors died during movies production heath ledger the dark knight actor Heath Ledger sadly didn’t live to enjoy the critical claim and his academy award for best supporting actor. 0:00:42.660,0:00:46.620 as he died of an accidental prescription drug overdose six months before the dark knight arrived in theaters the Joker wasn’t Ledger’s final role though the time of his death Ledger was a little over a month into filming terry gilliam’s fantasy film the imaginarium of doctor parnassus in which he played a central role following the actor’s death Gillian came up with the idea of having Ledger’s character changes appearance enlisted the help of johnny depp jude law and colin farrell to take over the role in scenes that led you’re having yet got around to film you do with their help the imaginarium of doctor Parnassus was completed and became the final piece of Ledger’s legacy jon-erik hexum there’s a dangerous misconception that guns loaded. 0:01:26.580,0:01:29.610 this was the fate that befell jon-erik hexum on the set of the CBS action-adventure series cover which he played a CIA agent working undercover as a mall during filming delay hexham began jokingly playing Russian roulette with a 44 magnum loaded with blanks the gun was pressed right up against this temple when it went off firing the whiting from the blank into hexham skull causing a massive brain hemorrhage being declared brain-dead hexham was eventually taken off life support brandon lee the vigilante superhero movie The Crow has become a cult classic. 0:01:54.119,0:01:58.469 since its original release in 1994 the film is notorious for another reason brandon lee sin of Bruce Lee played the movies main character eric draven rock star who’s brought back from the dead to avenge his own murder the death of his girlfriend and see where Eric returns home to find his girlfriend being attacked after Michaelmas he fired a propaganda tweet not knowing that the prop crew had accidentally left a fragment of a real bullet inside the bullet struck me in the abdomen. 0:02:23.760,0:02:27.810 Paul Walker paul walker was a mainstay of the Fast and Furious franchise from the very beginning and his appearances in the movie spent over a decade from his first appearance in The Fast and Furious his final portrayal Brian O’Conner & furious 7 2 months into production and furious 7 Walker was killed when the driver of the poor she was travelling in crashed the car into a lamppost into trees at high speed following the accident universal put production on hold to give the cast and crew time degree and to give director James one time to figure out how to rework the film here at seven was eventually completed using paul walker’s brothers caleb and cody has standards for his character with the combination of camera trickery and cgi used to complete Brian’s story pick more like brandon lee and john erick exome actor vivek Mars death was the result of an accident on set which is easily one of the most horrifying tales in the film. Featuring: Heath Ledger | 0:42 Jon-Erik Hexum | 1:24 Brandon Lee | 1:57 Paul Walker | 2:31 Vic Morrow | 3:07 Oliver Reed | 3:43 John Ritter | 4:23 Bela Lugosi | 4:55 Marilyn Monroe | 5:33 Philip Seymour Hoffman | 6:01 Subscribe To Our Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLJpoUXvMO7OIenS-kSI_3g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMYt_qlkP_I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIJZQqUVOKw&t=41s Our Social Media: Subscribe Now: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLJpoUXvMO7OIenS-kSI_3g Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fSmOmD Twitter: https://twitter.com/ Google+: http://bit.ly/2fyjRUk

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