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Greb Rekcuz
7 min readNov 7, 2021


My name is Greb Rekcuz, co-founder of cryptocurrency token Metaverse Meta (MVRS) and the Become Metaverse Royalty NFT (MVRSWood).

Metaverse Meta (MVRS) is the in-metaverse utility token of the Become Metaverse Royalty NFT. Right now it affords whitelist privilege for minting the NFT.

See https://mvrswood.com/

Historically, Metaverse Meta (MVRS) was a meme coin inspired by popular culture, current events and the growing interest in the Metaverse. It aims to be a top store of value blue chip meme coin for the Metaverse generation, surpassing dog coins to become a stable fixture in the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

NFT Update

Now that the NFT has been released, the remainder of this article is largely historical, but it also contains a useful guide on purchasing MVRS token using PancakeSwap.

Metaverse Meta (MVRS)

For our new born crypto-baby, the future is fuzzy and the future is super bright.

As the Metaverse Meta (MVRS) meme universe expands we want to take you on a ride to the metagalaxies beyond your imagination. It starts right here, right now, but first lets take on board some lessons learnt...

Shiba Inu Billionaire

We’ve all heard of the Shiba Inu billionaire who famously turned an $8,000 SHIB investment into $5.7 billion. Lesson: For maximum potential, you need to get in early.

Squid Games Rug Pull

We’ve also heard of the Squid games rug pull. Lesson: When you get in early, you need to avoid scams.

How to get In Early and Avoid Scams

1. Invest in projects with locked liquidity

Metaverse Meta (MVRS) tokens are locked into a liquidity pool for up to a year under a third party verified smart contract. That means the developers can’t access the tokens, making it impossible for anyone to do a rug pull.

Here’s a link to see Metaverse Meta MVRS locked tokens in Mudra Manager:

1b. Check the smart contact is verified

For verified contracts, you’ll be able to read the contract on BscScan

Click onto contract, and then read contract.

An unverified contract will not allow you to read the contract, instead you will see a message asking the contract owner to verify the contract.

1c. Check the contract address matches

To avoid scam tokens that are setup with similar looking names or misspellings, always check the contract address.

The Metaverse Meta (MVRS) contract address is: 0x94cc860f06a99a6d2d0b8f0ffa8c6b88a59b5538

You can see it in the profile summary box in the BscScan link above.

2. Invest Early

How Early?

In my opinion, as early as you can.

When you find a project that you think is going to take off. A project that’s a hot topic and in vogue, then take action and invest.

Today is day 1 of the Metaverse Meta (MVRS) token launch. Liquidity is locked up for up to a year. We’re so early the social media hasn’t spun up yet, the website isn’t ready yet. We’re not on coinmarketcap or coingecko yet. There’s no marketing. This is super super early!

But I couldn’t wait to share this so the project hits the ground running and early investors can get a chance to get a foot in the door before the whales throw their blubber around.

How much?

$5 invested in Shibu Inu on the same day as the famous Shibu billionaire above would have grown into $3.4 million. Not bad for a $5 investment.

Of course there’s no guarantee of any return at all on your $5 invested. Meme coins are notoriously chaotic in the already massively volatile crypto markets. The potential maximum loss is $5, whereas the potential upside is to the moon and beyond into the metaverse.

What about high gas?

The Metaverse Meta MVRS token was launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so gas is just a few cents. You can still use your Metamask wallet, but need to switch to the BSC chain and use BNB instead of ETH.

What’s Next

We’ll be busy creating our road map, setting up socials and finishing the website. There’s lots coming. We’ll also be adding a lot more liquidity over the coming days and weeks.

How to get in early on Metaverse Meta (MVRS)?

IUpdate: You can now purchase MVRS easily on our website https://metaversemvrs.net/ via Rubic exchange

This is not investment advice, but if you do your own research and decide to invest $5 into Metaverse Meta (MVRS), then MVRS is available on PancakeSwap

To invest $5 into Metaverse Meta (MVRS)
contract address: 0x94cc860f06a99a6d2d0b8f0ffa8c6b88a59b5538

  1. Connect your Metamask to Binance Smart Chain:

2. Send some BNB to your wallet. At time the time of writing 1 BNB is worth approximately USD $660. So $5 USD is 5/660 = 0.0076 BNB. Add a little extra to cover the gas, say total 0.01 BNB.

3. Open pancake swap and connect your web 3 wallet.

4. Enter the amount of BNB to exchange in the From field.

If you used the link above to open PancakeSwap it will automatically ask you to add the MVRS token. If it doesn’t, don’t worry the PancakeSwap network is probably busy, just follow the instructions below to manually add MVRS.

The manual method: Click select a currency in the To field. Copy and paste the contract address: 0x94cc860f06a99a6d2d0b8f0ffa8c6b88a59b5538 into the field and click Import. (After pasting the address you may need to wait up to 30 seconds for PancakeSwap to find the address on chain, if the network is busy. During this waiting time it looks like nothing is happening and the Import button is not displayed)

5. This is a brand new launch token so you will see a safety message. Read the message and click I understand

Remember, the liquidity pool tokens are locked by a third party (see above), the contract is verified on BscScan (see above), and remember you are investing $5.

The token name is filled out automatically with a link to BscScan. You can click the BscScan link to double check the contract address matches if you wish to. Contract address: 0x94cc860f06a99a6d2d0b8f0ffa8c6b88a59b5538

Close BscScan.

6. Click import. Here you can see that $5 worth of BNB will convert into 9.7B MVRS tokens at time of writing.

Click Swap and Metamask will popup to confirm the transaction, and quote for gas. In this case gas was 14 cents.

IUpdate: You can now purchase MVRS easily on our website https://metaversemvrs.net/ via Rubic exchange

7. To see MVRS in your Metamask wallet, click the link Add MVRS to Metamask, and then follow the Metamask prompt to add the new token


  1. Another method to add the MVRS token to Metamask is to click Import Tokens in the Metamask Assets tab, and then enter the Token Contract Address: 0x94cc860f06a99a6d2d0b8f0ffa8c6b88a59b5538
  2. If you’re using BUSD or any other BSC token to convert to MVRS make sure you also have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to cover the very low gas fee.
Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

Get In Touch

If you think you can help with the project or have any questions, please contact me at: greb_rekcuz@protonmail.com

Twitter: Greb@MetaverseMVRS
Discord: https://discord.gg/Peq6Z3N6Hx
Youtube: https://youtu.be/eLpGO9EMM3A
Medium: https://medium.com/@greb_rekcuz

Website: https://metaversemvrs.net

WhitePaper: https://medium.com/@greb_rekcuz/metaverse-meta-mvrs-lite-paper-d79a3ada2e69

I’ll be happy to hear from you



Greb Rekcuz

Greb Rekcuz, co-founder of Metaverse Meta (MVRS) token https://metaversemvrs.net/ and Become Metaverse Royalty NFT https://mvrswood.com/