Everything’s a Joke, Innit?

AKA How do “Real People” Feel?

Being the type of person who uses Medium for artistic expression as well as a discounted therapy session, I found myself wondering how others express their more complicated… Feelings.

So I wrote this little list, it’s kinda funny.

Kinda sad. In no particular order:

  1. I spill my emotions like milk onto a piece of black canvas, letting everyone know I’m not alright
  2. I write a novel of a text and send it to a group chat, then pretend like it was a complete accident
  3. I craft a Facebook post with the precision required to deactivate a bomb, then never post it
  4. I smile more often to show them I’m fine, especially when they aren’t looking so I’m not caught off guard
  5. I send an angry tweet completely off the cuff, then delete it an hour later so I can tweet something worse
  6. I snapchat EVERY fun thing I do in hopes of letting you know I’m not broken inside
  7. I rely on physical responses (like crying or punching inanimate objects) to show what I don’t feel I’m capable of saying with words
  8. I rationalize my behavior, your behavior, and everyone else’s behaviors, then I take it personally