The World Looked Sh*tty

Until Oil Burned My Eye

To reiterate, I work at a movie theatre. We pop corn and have 2 ovens, we have a hot dog warmer and nacho cheese/chili dispensers. These things run hot.

My day wasn’t going particularly well, as this is the third day in a row I am to close. The hardest shift for the least amount of pay (if you want to get home at a somewhat reasonable hour).

I was exhausted and was easily irritated by simple questions I’d heard during every shift I’d worked for the last 9 months.

I was filling a small bag of corn when the temperamental popper I’ve come to despise spat hot oil over my glasses, so as to hit me directly in my open eye.

I handed them their popcorn, told them to have a nice day, and immediately went to the back to splash water onto my eyeballs.

During this time I groaned in agony, until my eyes were well flushed out. Then I laughed. Hysterically. For a solid 3 seconds.

It was like the world said “I’ll make it worse if you want me to” and my laugh was a nervous confirmation that I did not need my day to get any worse.

That maybe I’d had enough of my own or everyone else’s bullshit. Or maybe the oil just seeped into my limbic system and was causing a momentary state of hysteria.

Either way, my shift went a lot smoother after that incident. I was happier and made a few of my coworkers happier in response.

Which made my day just that much better.

Life’s rough, but at least it doesn’t spit hot oil in your eyes. Not on a daily basis.