Writing: Never Compromise

It Builds Character

It feels like everyone is killing these days.

No judgement, make whoever you’d like a killer and kill whoever you’d like. Just make it believable.

The real issue is when a character that showed no murderous intent or willingness to kill… Kills. The excuse always seems to be: “This is his tipping point! He can never go back now!”

I’d believe you if it didn’t seem like he drove to that point from the other end of the map in all of 3 seconds.

Don’t do it for shock factor, do it because it makes sense. Dave Goetsch once said:

“Write for the page, the actor, and to edit.”

Notice the audience wasn’t listed. Because writing just for the sake of shocking an audience can lead to nonsense. They refer to this act as jumping the shark.

This isn’t to say you should write predictably, just make it truthful.

If you tell yourself “She’s a good person” then define “good” in this universe and stick to it.

Good can still mean murderer, or it can mean they would never kill, or only under certain circumstances, and so on etcetera.

Whatever you pick, ride it out. Change your character gradually and then all at once, or define them by 1 constant/rule.

Just build your character and keep them on track. Never compromise them.

We owe them that much.