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Photo — Jo Kassis and SLAYTINA on Pexels (photoshop by author)

The Devil crawled with me

From the pits of despair

To the foot of prosperity.


The Devil walked with me

Uphill to the Gates with a grin

Only to be cast out again.


The Devil ran with me

Into the arms of salvation,

Burning at the sight of creation.


The Devil saw me through it all,

There never was a “greater call.”

There was a rise, and now, the fall.

The Devil will see me through it all.



Photo — Pixabay on Pexels (photoshop by author)

The Moon was

Calling them

By the wrong name

Pillows learn

To shed both

Tears and Bloodstains

Change of sheets

Broken streets

Driving’s long lost all mystique

Beams on high

Blind the eye

Moon forgot to tell them why

Coming soon


They fell for the Moon

As one would…



Photo — Pixabay on Pexels (photoshop by author)

Start a fire

Watch it burn

Let it grow

And then you’ll learn

Life is fragile

Life is quick

Burn them so they know regret

Fan the flames

And watch them die

No exceptions to the lie

And if your flame needs a fix

Don’t be scared

Jump on in



Photo — Kelly L on Pexels (photoshop by author)

You see

Right through me

Into my scarred bone

My nervous systems

The tale telling heart

That never wanted to believe

What my

Screaming eyes had seen -

Was I fired properly?

Are there bubbles or

Imperfections, do you

Expect them?

That comes as no surprise

When red eyes monetize

My story? My trauma

Turned best selling drama

Suspense, thriller

There can be no killer when

Mistakes never die,

They wake me

In the night, so I

Withdraw from public sight.


She was last seen

Open and bleeding,

You saw that, right?

Of course you did.

You never stop filming.



Photos — Lino Khim Medrina and Gautham Krishnan on Pexels (photoshop by author)

The Boogeyman breathes

The Boogeyman eats

The Boogeyman dreams of white steeds

The Boogeyman walks

The Boogeyman runs

The Boogeyman catches and will not release

The Boogeyman grabs

The Boogeyman holds

The Boogeyman takes life for their own


Don’t be surprised


When The Boogeyman comes


The Boogeyman has eyes for everyone.



Photo — Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels (photoshop by author)

We leave the ones we love behind
To reach for greater things.
We leave the ones we love behind
To cross the vastest seas.
We leave the ones we love behind
But then we start to think,


“Maybe the greatest thing of all was left behind me.

Maybe, to them, I am lost at sea.”



Photo — Cottonbro on Pexels (photoshop by author)

She lives in perpetual darkness

She doesn’t know when to sleep

Biology compels her eyes

Fear keeps her on her feet

Drifting off, yet

Never leaving that

Sedentary solitary space

She pours tea for Hatmen

She welcomes their embrace -

There they go and here they

Come, sick dreams that

Burst from open eyes

Colorful delirium expands her

Restless mind


She streams at night and screams at times

For relief that will not come, her

Screens ooze drying blues

Her heart a pounding -

. . .

A heavy blink,

Darkness deceives -

A groaning breath,

That small reprieve -

A groggy mind,

Nothing to see -

But did I really catch any zzzs?



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