About that VICE Charlottesville documentary
Ranjan Roy

Good article. Would you please write something about the phony left/right paradigm fight that the politicians and media have been pushing on us to keep us bickering with each other!?

This shouldn’t be about left/right. It should be the people against the politicians!

They want us fighting. Do you disagree?

Is it a coincidence that most news agencies don’t cover Antifa property? They make them them look like peaceful protestors when they are literally attacking people with bats, pepper spray, urine and God knows what else. Did you not see what happened in Berkeley just a couple days ago?

Why are the police standing down and letting this happen!?

Anyone going to a political rally wearing all black and covers their face is bad news!

Let’s all be honest here. It’s not only about the couple hundred “Nazis.” There’s a very violent leftist commie group and we all know them as antifa.

We must make sure people know the truth.

There’s always two sides to every story and Trump was right to say there was violence from both sides!

What about all the “actors “ hired? You think all this was a coincidence?

Charlottesville was a set up from the beginning.

This is 1984 and we as a people better wake up and see the real enemy!

Who is the enemy? The swamp. The political class. Wake up people. They want you fighing while they get rich. If we ever unite these people would be in jail. If this wasn’t America people would hang!

Share the truth! Don’t pick sides. It’s fake!

The enemy is the government and all it’s controlling warmongering people!

Notice how the media me politicians attack Trump for everything!? The only times the praised him is when he attacked Syria or when he’s advocating for war!

Potus is just a figure head. The country and the world are run by the military industrial complex. End of story

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