Trump Set To Pardon A Man Who Should Be Serving A Life Sentence For Entrapment
Caitlin Johnstone

I gotta look into the assassination attempt. That’s great politics. Setting up up a fall guy to do life is crazy. I will agree that is Mafia shit.

I don’t agree with mistreatment of illegals. I’ve seen several documentaries of past and present inmates. They were convicted.

I’ve actually heard them say they prefer The tent cities and the pink underwear to the regular jails.

The whole thing is funny if you ask me. Setting someone one up to do time is wrong.

We have a two tier justice system. One me for the people and one for politicians.

This is how it is. If if we didn’t many people would be in jail. Hillary deleting 33,000 emails . Half her staff, Susan rice for spying. Brennan for perjury. Debbie Schultz for Awan brother scam. It’s all a big show and nobody is held accountable.

Be assured if it was one of us who did any of these things we would be locked up for sure.

The whole left right paradigm is just a way to keep the citizens divided. When in reality we should all be united against the politicians.

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