Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

I’m not sure if he’s the Ugly American as much as he is the Ugly Celebrity. Coddled from the moment they are discovered to have outlandish athletic, musical or acting talent, The Outliers are treated as Other Than. The rules & laws of society don’t apply to them. Civility, decorum, respect, humility; you name the human quality, it doesn’t apply to them. I’ve observed through the years enough disgusting behavior to validate that sense of the state of celebrity status. There are some classy people who are respectful, aware they accidentally fell into a rabbit hole, met Alice & the Mad Hatter & climbed out wealthy, but there are an equal number who actually think they’re special. It doesn’t matter how many hours they spent honing their craft; boorish behavior & a lack of humility to understand their good fortune isn’t excused. The NFL & NBA tend to lead the way but who can’t come up with examples in all aspects of sport, music & acting; a long list that can be summoned up in 6o seconds enough to fill multiple pages of single spaced type. Ryan Lochte is just another in a long line of jocks who has a million dollar body & a ten cent mind. Americans are no uglier than anyone else; I traveled the world enough to have seen it all, on multiple continents. There are all sorts of good people who are regular everyday people, but something happens all too often when one begins to believe what mommy, daddy, coaches, alumni, jock suck-ups, hangers-on et al begin to tell them how special they are & how important it is to play catch & bounce balls with other boys & girls. Spare me.

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