The Milo Yiannopoulos Checkmark Tantrum Continues: Now He’s Retweeting Threats of Violence

Following up on our post telling The Sad Tale of the Milo Yiannopoulos Blue Checkmark Tantrum (which now has almost 9,000 social media shares at Little Green Footballs, by the way), our hapless hero of hate speech and misogyny has been continuing a non-stop blitz of tweets about his cruel persecution at the hands of the evil Twitter, mixed with his usual egomaniacal boasting and self-promotion.

And today, he’s crossed another line, blatantly violating Twitter’s terms of service by retweeting violent threats, broadcasting these threats to his 145,000+ followers — many of whom are far right gun fetishists.

Here are screenshots from TweetDeck, showing Yiannopoulos’ retweets, because I suspect they may suddenly be deleted when the creep who posted them realizes that making threats of violence online isn’t just against Twitter’s TOS — it’s also against the law.