8 ways to keep sane in these challenging times

looking through the window in black and white
looking through the window in black and white
Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Have you been caught alone? Maybe you are high medical risk? Or perhaps you are just old, frail or vulnerable.

It’s easy to lose touch of time and let is slip unnoticed by. It’s easy to lie late in bed and drowse the hours away. It’s easy to half-watch the endless, mindless television shows. It’s so easy to drift, to waste those precious days alone.

Is that how you want to be?

There are more exciting ways to pass the time. Keep safe and enjoy your time alone. …

Underfunded, overcrowded and frightening.

boy alone on bench
boy alone on bench
Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash

The playground has become a battleground.

This is where the other kids mock you, this is where they taunt you and tease you.

This is the place where they ignore you, with curled lip and raise eyebrow they turn away.

And this is the place where you may be attacked and injured, your clothes torn and you pinched, beaten or dragged along the ground.

I know.

I’ve seen it.

Teachers face an impossible task

I am in awe of some of the fine teachers I have met, but they face too many challenges each and every day. And the system doesn’t help them.

They have to be many people — economists, troubleshooters, nurses and social workers. This last is an indication of the social behavoirs and standards many of the youngsters come to school with — and if this feral attitude is not there when the child enters school, if the child comes from gentle respectful families — it’s soon punched into of them in the playground. …

And the aftereffects, relief efforts and what to do

earthquake debris
earthquake debris
Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

Every day earthquakes shake the world in some place or another. And the damage they can do depends upon the strength of the earthquake, it’s depth below the surface of the earth and where it is in relation to where people are and the time of day.

We measure the strength by the Richter logarithmic scale — so an earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale is ten times more powerful than one measuring 4.

Here is how much damage is caused according to the Richter Scale:

1and 2 — negligible
3.5 — tremor can be felt locally
4.5 — tremor more marked and local damage to buildings
6 — destructive
7 — major earthquake
9.5 …

Tried and tested methods on not making money

internet sale
internet sale

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Everyone likes to do well on the internet — but we are not told how to fail — and that is my area of expertise. By sharing some of the tips and strategies I have tried and tested you too can fail on the internet.

You are bombarded with “three clicks of the mouse and watch the money roll in” and because we want to believe it — we do. so we click to get the “free report” only to find yet another sales letter. …

Or at least increase your chances

white plane on fire about to crash
white plane on fire about to crash
White plane with engine on fire about to crash in the landscape burning mountains — Photo by sinenkiy

Fear of flying is not uncommon. Around 70% of us are afraid. Yet flying is one of the safest forms of transport

According to the US National Safety Council, the chance of dying is 1 in 205,552 as compared with 1 in 102 from a car crash.

The five-year average number of plane accidents was 75, with 315 deaths, yet in 2017 there are only 19 deaths. But accidents do happen, and you can reduce your chance of death by taking a few simple precautions.

So, let’s look at things which can increase your chance of survival.

Choosing your seat

Statistics show that if your seat is within 5 rows of the emergency exit your chance of survival doubles. You need to check where the exit is. Count the rows to the nearest exit and note the direction. The cabin may be dark or filled with smoke. …

You can reduce your risk by one third by making some lifestyle changes.

elderly lady
elderly lady
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

As we look towards our old-age many of us dread the thought of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

For many of us, it’s our number one fear of growing old. To not be the person we were, to not have control of our declining years. to be reliant on family to care for us.

It’s not what we want, it’s not what we can look forward to

Are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia the same?

Dementia describes a group of symptoms from whatever cause but Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that slowly results in dementia.

The symptoms result in memory impairment, although specific memories may be retained, and a loss in cognitive function. …

Your toddler lives in a fascinating and dangerous world!

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

What next?

Have you ever got down on your knees to see the house as he sees it? it’s exciting and challenging and toddlers being toddlers he will succumb to temptation!

The safest way

The only really safe way to look after your toddler in the home os to be there, and to be alert, not busy on your screen or trying to do all the 10001 things a “good” mother does. It simply isn’t possible, but your presence and attention can save your toddler’s life.

Accidents happen so quickly. As an example look at the figures for under-fives and drowning.

Drowning statistics for the under-fives

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC 350 children drown in pools every year in America). And 2,600 needed emergency treatment for near-drowning. Near-drowning may result in permanent brain damage. Most were being “supervised”. But in 69% of cases, the child was not thought to be near the water and 77% had been unseen for less than five minutes! In fact, drowning is the second commonest cause of death in the under-fives. (Road accidents claim first place). …

Moving house — and country — can be challenging!

surreal empty bookcase
surreal empty bookcase
photo by author

It hardly felt real.

Surrounded by empty bookcases, my apartment hardly seemed to belong to me — and soon it wouldn’t.

Seeking out and finding my new home was challenging, since there are very few places which welcome cats — and I have a loving pet I would never, ever leave behind. (Although he might not be pleased with the move).

Travelling to London on Eurostar was easy and fairly comfortable. But arriving at the ticket office in London for onward travel was worrying:

“There are no trains to Bristol — none at all,” I was told.

My appointment with the letting agency for a new flat was that afternoon, with little time to spare. …

Imagine if you were bug sized!

head of insect
head of insect
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Just be glad these bugs are a lot smaller than we are. Some of them truly are the stuff of nightmares.

There seems no end to the variety and ingenuity of these little creatures. And they outnumber us by 200 million to one (according to the New York Times).

What follows is a list of some of the more gruesome insect habits for your delectation. Enjoy and pass on!

1. Tarantula Hawk Wasp


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