Our latest cloud platform for Gov & Utilities 3.0

Our latest software update gives our partners more Customer Data, Brand Customisation and Personalisation to drive any type of customer behaviour — all from one centralised platform.

In partnering with our existing Government and utility customers we have been fortunate enough to develop some of the most innovative government web and mobile solutions.

City of Melbourne customer Platform

Across all industries, the most disruptive organisations are using web and mobile applications to provide customers with enhanced digital services, & experiences.

In 2015 we have witnessed several partners looking to do the same. Improve digital service delivery, while leveraging data sets to provide personalised customer insights in order to drive real world behaviours via the most advanced digital platforms.

How can government deliver — and exceed customers’ rising digital expectations?

By working with the most progressive teams to build advanced digital solutions — solutions to bring you and your customers closer. Turn slow moving processes into fully automated, trackable, simple to use software.

Gov 3.0 - a new digital age.

We’re proud to be working with our existing partners in ushering through a new chapter of innovation and digital customer engagement.

Building on earlier software upgrades and R&D investments has deepened our platform capabilities in the areas of data intelligence, household personalisation, and measurable real world behaviours.

The latest update to our platform now includes behavioural analytics that can be used to deliver personalised and more relevant content to your customers.

Drive real world behaviours — incentivise customer learning and desired actions.

1. Create a set of custom challenges — push them to a segmented group of households.

Harness our platform data to engage with targeted groups. Drive real world household behaviour around your programs, initiatives and communications.

Create a challenge to achieve the desired behaviours.
Create a Challenge — push it to thousands of your customers, watch the data roll in.

2. Use digital incentives to drive customer behaviours.

Our Points and Rewards platform can be used to incentivise real world behaviors with the click of a button.

By harnessing our sophisticated digital Points and Rewards solution to deliver digital rewards and incentives, you can set a custom challenge and allow customers to earn points for participating in your initiatives.

1. Create a Challenge for a desired behaviour.2. Auto Assign Points to allocate upon completion. 3. Customer completes behaviour and claims points via web or on mobile device.

Create your own tailored and customisable “Lean and Earn” challenges, such as saving energy or dropping off recyclables at specific points. Award points for actions and push to a mobile device via App.

Our cloud based customer engagement platform includes a range of solutions, designed to help our partners transform the way they reach and engage with customers.

Points and Rewards further capitalises on our expertise in household digital behaviour, applying global best practices to allow customers to earn both “extrinsic” and “intrinsic” rewards for participating in selected behaviours and government programs.

Points and Rewards help to accomplish behavioural objectives. These include motivating customers to sign up for electronic billing and driving participation in efficiency or waste and sustainability programs.

3. Create a challenge: drive behaviours from your desktop.

Once your customised challenges have been created you can edit, add to and manage your challenges in just a few clicks. View and download your customer data on the number of completions and results.

View and export your customer data on the number of completions and results for reporting.

Your dashboard allows you to get a real-time snapshot of your customers’ demographics, gender, age and related behaviour data just by logging in on your browser.

Our behavioural analytics can be used to drive more personalised and relevant content to your customers.

View all customer demographic data from your browser, then segment and personalise.

Digital Disruption — It’s here to stay.

Progressive governments and utilities around the world are deploying innovative digital initiatives and services — and for good reason.

Customer facing dashboard

Global technology consultancy Accenture recently discovered that customers currently spend less than 12 minutes each year digitally engaging with government and utility programs, compared to 8 hours per month on platforms such as Facebook.

In light of the proliferation of digital services offered by our leading companies, the next generation of customers have come to expect beautifully designed digital experiences to connect and engage with service providers.

The result: happier and more loyal customers, with lower costs of servicing.

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— the Platform Team

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