A delightful month has passed. Let’s summarize what we have done in October together, Greenbies!

- Release the new version of Green Beli: 2.1.8 with the use and convert features available for EXP Cards and Fusion Stones. Plus, easier-to-use mechanisms have come into play. Read more: https://t.me/GreenBeli/1091

- Prepare to plant hundreds of trees on our first hectare of land. We plan to own at least 10 hectares for the real-yield game mode: #Plant2Earn 🚀

- Continue our work on the Green Beli Coffee franchise to expand into global markets and generate more sustainable profits for players 🎁

- Last but not least, all 12,500 Coffee Voucher Fragments in the reward pool of PvP have been fully collected 🔥

#Plant2Earn: A real-yield game mode is around the corner. Let’s get on board, Greenbies! 🌳



Big news, Greenbies! We’re delighted to announce that the vesting schedule for Investors and Advisors is finished and all of the tokens on our agreement have been unlocked

Founders & Team’s tokens REMAIN LOCKED until Mar 20th, 2023 as announced here🔒

Please check the onchain info for our transparency: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5ca4e7294b14ea5745ee2a688990e0cb68503219#balances

🌿 Seed Round: 0x9d1d51a9b4bfc8c2df90485e2a3de9271a071051
🌿 Private Round: 0x05a4a196a902e5dfa040f672c9c6f339616f357b
🌿 Founders & Team: 0xfcacb8011669c665e1f1c3cc8f262b44f6b39e40

Since our start, we’ve always been working tirelessly to build Green Beli as a SUSTAINABLE & PROFITABLE ECOSYSTEM. With the Farming Voucher, #Plant2Earn and upcoming features, we believe we are on the right track towards our commitment to users.

Your continued trust and support mean so much to us.

It’s time for $GRBE to rise, let’s bring up the hype! 🚀💚



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