Thoughts on one year as a parent


That said, please vaccinate your kids.




  • There are a lot of good things about breastfeeding.
  • By the way, it’s really hard and Mom will probably end up in tears several times.
  • Working with a lactation consultant can be a lifesaver.
  • Formula is not the end of the world.
  • Good luck, happy latching.



Here are some of my favorite things that we bought this past year:

  • Halo sleep sacks. They zip from the top to the bottom which means you only have to unzip them partway for late night diaper changes.
  • LectroFan white noise machine. We actually have two — one for baby and one for the lucky napping adult.
  • NoseFrida. I never would have guessed how much fun decongesting your baby would be with this snot sucker.
  • Giant Inflatable Duck. I can’t say I love sharing my shower with this duck, but Samantha loves it, so I kind of love it too.

One recommendation I make to all my expecting friends is to check out The Nightlight, the baby equivalent of The Wirecutter and The Sweet Home. They don’t give you a spreadsheet of data and rankings, they just tell you what to buy, with a detailed explanation if you care to read it. I did a lot of independent research and ultimately came to many of the same conclusions, so I stopped reading.

Trivia: the set of clothes and items you need for a newborn is called a layette.

Dropcam/Nest Cam

Other Parents


Parental leave

Politicians say they love families; how about actually helping them out when they need it?


I love being Samantha’s father. The past year has had its share of challenges, but honestly we’ve been so fortunate and I hope that confronting our small share of problems has made me a more empathetic person. Samantha arrived on time, easily, and healthy; we didn’t have the burden of illness or an extended stay in the NICU. We never worried about the cost of diapers or formula; I can only imagine how crushing it must feel not to have what you need to take care of your child. We have had help from so many of our family and friends, help you absolutely need to keep your head on straight. I have a wonderful partner and I don’t know I would get through parenting without Caitlin; I have a new appreciation for single parents.

Who knows what we’ll teach our daughter this next year, or what she’ll teach us. It has been an incredible journey so far. I can’t believe how many years we get to have. They won’t be non-stop happiness, but I hope they’re as joyful as this first one.

“Let’s say I wanted to read more tweets about babies. Where would I go?”
“You would go to this collection on Twitter.”
“That was a hypothetical. No one wants to read more tweets about babies.”

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