Big Trouble Looms For Merkel In Germany

German post — election talks to negotiate a coalition government collapse in chaos as the political meltdown of the EU continues.

Following September’s inconclusive election in Germany, the government has been paralyzed as Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat Union and their traditional allies the Christian Social Union which only operates in Bravaria, have been locked in negotiations with the classical liberal Free Democrats and the loony left Greens in an attempt to form a “Jamaica coalistion,” a refrerence to the fact that the campaign colours of the three parties reflect the flag of Jamaica.

Senior CDU politician and current President of the Schleswig-Holstein provincial government, Daniel Günther tried to rally members of the party saying that a coalition deal between the CDU/CSU, the libertarian Free Democrats, and the Green Party must be agreed on soon as another election could be a disaster for the party. 

This is exactly what I predicted would happen right after Germany’s election in September yielded an inconclusive result, with no grouping of loosely compatible parties in a position to command a majority in the Bundestag. It was clear things were not going well early in October, as Merkel tried to cobble together a policy compromise acceptable to both the extreme left — wing Greens and the libertarian Free Democrats. I wrote then:

New German Coalition in Peril as Potential Partners Clash over 200,000 Annual Migrant Limit

Reports thatGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed a proposal from coalition partner and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer to limit the number of asylum seekers in Germany to 200,000 per year to secure a rul;ing coalition may be somewhat premature. Other coalition partners are not as positive on the policy.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and their traditional partners, the Bavarian CSU, faced a split over Merke’l “open doors” immigration policy, the CSU having argued for the migrant limit due to outbreaks of lawlessness in immigrant communities in mant Bravarian towns and cities. The new agreement, negotiated over a day of hard bargaining, gets rid of Merkel’s committment to accept all comers and agrees to the 200,000 asylum seeker number proposed by the CSU, according to are report in Die Welt. This is a major humiliation for the Hausfrau — Volksfuhrer

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