Harvey — A Typical Hollywood Stalwart?

Marilyn, the two Corey’s, Polansky’s Victim, abuse is par for the course in Hollywood.

We have been gobsmacked by the hypocrisy of Hollywood luvvies and liberal politicians in the USA as they have hurried to jump on the latest politically correct bandwagon and condemn Harvey Weinstein for the way he exploited his position as the most powerful producer in the film and television industry to bully and coerce young actresses into granting him sexual favours in order to advance, or in some cases preserve,) their careers. This should not be interpreted as implying The Daily Stirrer approves in any way of Weinstein’s behaviour. He’s a pervert.

What bothers us however is that not only were his antics widely known throughout show business, in the media and to the political establishment for decades before The New York Times decided to take him down for reasons we may never know but can hazard a guess that it might relate to the fact that truth seekers were getting too close to prominent people the NYT had an even more compelling reason to protect.

The kind of abuse Weinstein inflicted on attractive young women who found themselves either beholden to him or needing a favour from him has been par for the course in Hollywood since the 1920s. One of the biggest victims of the exploitation and abuse culture was Marilyn Monroe, (the linked info is a private blog — if you don’t consider it a reliable source just enter “Marilyn Monroe abuse” in your preferred search engine,) who was abused throughout her career and whose early death has been attributed to the treatment she received at the hands of the Hollywood elite.

Given they way Hollywood has behaved in closing ranks to protect those involved in scandal over the years we should believe the worst of all the rumours and allegations that come out. The habit liberals have of jumping on any politically correct bandwagon is deplorable, but made all the more so when we contrast the way many of those now lining up to condemn condemn Harvey Weinstein, (against whom, it must be said, nothing has yet been proved,) have campaigned for the pardon and rehabilitation of the convicted paedophile and rapist Roman Polansky. One must suppose that where the accusations that took down Weinstein came from established actresses, the twelve year old girl Polansky was convicted of abusing was “nobody” and thus in the warped morality of the fame junkie mindset, is of no consequence.

There are hundreds of other stories on course, one of the most shocking and most available being the revelations of actor Cory Feldman, who alleged in 1993 he was was anally raped by powerful people in Hollywood while a highly successful child star in the 1980s. A condensed version of his book Coreyography was serialised by UK newspaper The Daily Mail. Feldman also reports his co star Corey Haim suffered similar abuse. Unfortunately Haim took his own life in 2010 after a long battle with drug addiction. Feldman claims he and Haim were introduced to drugs by their abusers. Ignore those who will tell you The Daily Mail is a disgusting right wing rag that only prints lies. Its style is sensationalist and designed to appeal to readers’ baser instincts, but it’s reporting of this story sticks with what Corey Feldman has said and his friend Elijah Wood has confirmed.

Only last week the British singer Tom Jones said the same kind of coercive and abusive behaviour goes on in the music industry. But unlike the Hollywood and political attention seekers who rushed to condemn Weinstein, Tom Jones spoke of his own moral failure in having known what was going on and doing nothing for fear of risking his own career, knowing full well that anyone who broke ranks would be pushed out of the business.

It’s true, I know from my own experience at a much lower level. In the early nineteen eighties I liked to get up on stage and perform my poetry, filling in between poems with comedy chat. Gradually the comedy occupied more time than verse and after a charity gala in Manchester one night I was propositioned by a very well known figure in entertainment management who said he couple make me a success if I would perform a sex act on him. What did I do? Well I was married and had two children at the time and was making far more in my day job as a computer and networks consultant than I would as a start up comedian. What could I do except grip him warmly by the throat and tell him the only thing I’d ever be likely to spill on his face was six feet of earth. (Never make the mistake of thinking pretty boys are weak.)

The point is wherever their are very ambitious people there will be others prepared to exploit that ambition. It happens in business too, and it is not all one way traffic. For every powerful man who abuses his position, there is an ambitios woman who will make herself available for promotion, higher pay, jollies or simply to secure a job.

It is easy to condemn Harvey Weinstein, he is now a soft target. He deserves all the condemnation, the ostracism and whatever penalties the justice system eventually sees fit to impose. Hollywood has its scapegoat, but as a result of this case we should examine ourselves too, our all too human nature, the hypocrisy of those who claim the moral high ground, and the celebrity culture we have allowed ourselves to be sucked into. Actors, musicians and writers entertain us but that does not place them, nor the people that produce and promote their work, above the law.

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