How best to handle ad-blocking subscribers: Raise prices
Ryan Nakashima

Nicholas Barang already touched on the intrusive nature of many ads. I don’t mind static ads, in sidebars or even between sections of the main article.But things bouncing about on my screen, pop ups or pop outs popping cutesy pie liitle creatures over text I am reading or ads that slow down my oldish laptop because they are running enormous java or VB scripts.

If publishers would confine themselves to working with responsible ad servers I would not run an ad blocker, as long as ads are trying to elbow aside the content I have chosen to read in order to get in my face with products I am never going to buy, I will continue to ad block and when I encounter sites that will not let me in unless I disable my ad blocker, I will use the hacker skills developed in a thirty year careeer in IT and simply hop over their wall.