Students Feel Pressured To Reflect Universities Anti-Brexit Bias In Essays

How the press reported political bias in British universities

University students have claimed they are being pressured by political activist lecturers into writing essays which pander to the “anti-Brexit bias” endemic in the higher education system, and fear they will otherwise be marked down if their work does not comply with the academics’left wing agenda.

Students across the country have alleged that free debate on Brexit, and even student’s rights to hold opinions opposed to those of the “Remain” camp is being shut down by lecturers supporting the movement to thwart the democratic will and keep us in the authoritarian bureaucratic dictatorship the EU has become.

Undergraduates studying a wide range of subjects, but particularly law, politics and PPE degrees, claim their faculties have created a hostile environment which is deterring the expression of dissenting views.

The disclosures have prompted concern among MPs and university leaders, who are concerned that pervasive anti-Brexit views may be limiting freedom of speech and academic freedom.

We understand that the new Office for Students (OfS), a regulator with powers to strip universities of their degree-awarding status, will now monitor the issue as part of its duty to uphold free speech on university campuses.

Last night, Sir Michael Barber, chairman of the OfS, reiterated that freedom of speech on university campuses was a fundamental issue. In a veiled warning, he added that “the duty to protect freedom of speech also applies to academics, and diverse views should be encouraged”.

Universities minister Jo Johnson backed him, saying that universities “must open minds not close them”. He added the OfS would defend rigorous debate and ensure that universities are advancing rather than hindering understanding of controversial subjects.

Last year a newspaper report revealed that academics at leading universities including Oxford, Warwick and Exeter had breached impartiality guidelines by advising their students to vote Remain during the referendum campaign. Despite clear guidance from the Charity Commission forbidding the university leaders to involve their organisations in political activity, a number were found to have used private lectures and emails to put pressure on students ahead of polling day. There is no restriction on individual staff members being politically active, but they are required to leave their politics outside the lecture hall.

This week, students across the country have revealed the extent of anti-Brexit bias at universities across the country. This follows an attempt by Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris‘s attempt to research the level of anti-Brexit bias in Britain’s higher education institutions which sent most of mainstream media into a frenzy of outrage and triggered a shitstorm on social media as lefties fell over themselves to accusations of him being a “McCarthyite”.

“The protest by academics to Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris attempting to investigate the level of bias on campus tells its own story,” wrote Bow Group Chairman Cllr Ben Harris-Quinney in remarks accompanying the survey. Some said they had been handed pro-EU leaflets after lectures, while others claimed academics have used events such as graduations to air their views.

Students enrolled at universities including UCL, Durham, York Plymouth and Cardiff have admitted concerns about “Brexit bias”. Some students said they were so worried that they were self-censoring their views in academic work in a bid to appease their tutors.

Jamie Hollywood, a PPE student at Goldsmiths University, London, claimed that his philosophy lecturer had denounced Brexit as a “nationalist enterprise” during a seminar at the beginning of the academic year. “I’ve experienced incredible Brexit bias,” he said. “In my first lecture in philosophy, the lecturer, who is European, told the class that Brexit was a nationalist enterprise. He also said that he would be kicked out of the country, which was clearly inappropriate — and absurd.

“When considering how to write essays I have to determine its tone and content based on who is marking it. I shouldn’t feel as though I need to cloak my views in order to receive a grade reflective of the essay’s quality.”

When approached, a spokesman for Goldsmiths said that the lecturer had been attempting to “stimulate discussion” and their comments about leaving the UK following Brexit were due to personal “financial circumstances”. If that is the case then Goldsmiths should sack the many. If however, the mealy — mouthed, evasive response reflects the third rate University’s attitude to its responsibilities to promote open mindedness, then it should be stripped of university status and returned to the private college it was before being upgraded by Blair’s pirates.

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