The Destructive Power of Progressive Overreach
Berny Belvedere

This is the most intelligent and balanced piece I’ve read on Medium about America’s race problem. The problem with ‘liberals’ is something I noticed while living temporarily in the north east states forty — five years ago. While the blue collar class were warm, friendly but had the attitude, “take us as you find us,” and the few black people I met were also open and welcoming to a visitor from Britain, among the professional and managerial classes it felt as if I had stepped into Kafka’s novel, The Trial. It seemed everyone acted as if they were constantly under scrutiny but also that they felt it their duty to scrutinize the behaviour of others. And everyone was afraid not so much to step out of line, as to be seen to step out of line.
But I recognized these people, they were the ones Pete Seeger sang about in Little Boxes.