Ian Thorpe
Dec 28, 2019 · 1 min read

Well no Julian, you couldn’t respond without repeating yourself because your first response was the product of your fervid imagination and your second could only be more of the same. I base my judgement of Jeremy Corbyn on his words and deeds over several decades. He has stood up in parliament and expressed support for various terrorist groups, yes this is reported in The Daily Mail but it is also reported in The Guardian because it happened. Most importantly it is reported in Hansard, a verbatim record of parliamentary proceedings. Do you know what verbatim means?
So you see, my claims are all supported by evidence. I don’t think Corbyn is a bad man but he’s a fool, an emotionally needy virtue signaller, probably so deeply embarrassed by the fact that he was born into a wealthy and privileged society that he has come to hate Britain as an extension of his own self hatred.
You are probably absolutely determined not to believe anything even remotely resembling the truth but, for others who may be following this exchange, Guido Fawkes has helpfully complied a list of a hundred times Corbyn has expressed unconditional support for terrorists.

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