Our Sheffield Food Heroes: Foodhall

The last, but no means least, of our Sheffield Food Heroes is Foodhall. Nestled in an old industrial unit on Eyre Street, even the furniture is made from salvaged items that would have gone to waste. And they’re not just about saving surplus food, we caught up with Jamie Wilde​ of Foodhall to find out more.

Tell us about Foodhall, what do you do?

Our core activity is a volunteer-run pay-as-you-feel community cafe which uses donated surplus food to serve fresh and healthy meals to anyone and everyone in the local community. We also run and host many artistic and cultural events in addition to workshops and free talks and lectures. We support and host many other ethical and charitable organisations.

What inspired you to set up Foodhall?

We were inspired to deliver a new kind of social space, different from the “them and us” type spaces such as food banks and soup kitchens etc. We also wanted to instigate meaningful engagement between different societal groups and provide a space where people can get together over food.

Hear from the founders of Foodhall in this video from The Festival of the Mind 2016.

Video courtesy of Foodhall and Festival of the Mind 2016

Tell us your plans for 2017

Our plans are to continue to develop and evolve new spaces and architecture which benefit the community and many users of our space. We are programming a series of lectures and talks in addition to pottery, joinery and craft workshops which are open to everyone.

What is your favourite ‘surplus food’ dish to cook?

As our menu changes daily due to whatever stock we have in no two days are ever the same. Crowd pleasers include Nikki’s banana bread, Mickey’s cauliflower biriyani and last week we had a delicious mushroom stroganoff.

How can people in Sheffield get involved?

They can send us an email at foodhallproject@gmail.com, or just pop in and say hello. (122 Eyre St, S1 4QW)

You can also find Foodhall on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram, click on the links to go to the page.

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