Potato Paint Stamps

If you’ve got some potatoes that have gone green or are past their best, this is a fun way to use them up rather than binning them. Make some paint stamps!

Picture by Jodimichelle http://bit.ly/2joTGQr, licensed by Creative Commons

What you will need:


Cutting board

A sharp knife

Biscuit cutters (optional)


Paper plates


How to make your paint stamp:

  1. Wash and dry your potato

2. Cut it in half

3. Then, on the flat half of the potato, cut around to make your shape. Or you could use a biscuit cutter to press in the shape before cutting around it.

4. Put some paint onto a paper paint

5. Dip your potato shape in the paint, make sure the shape is fully covered.

6. Press down firmly on the paper. Voila!

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