3 Things your learn while Growing Up

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  1. Getting out of Comfort Zone

The whole world is not taught inside school/college class room. When you get out and try to take a place in this world, you realise all good things happen when you get out of your comfort zone and learn new things/tricks. Be it a public speech or making new (face-to-face) connections in real life.

2. Regrets

Deciding between being in 1-in-the-10 million job position VS following your passion and making the hard decision. No matter what choice you make, you end up having so many regrets. You have to feel ok with it and continue walking down the road.

3. Family

From 18 to 22, you avoid making contact with your parents. You’re tired of their same — study/avoid that friend/advice- again and again.

In the next few years, you enjoy their company. Not that they have changed :P , you have muted their voice inside, node your head and give a hug to Mom/Dad because of their sacrifice, comfort they have given you and their un-conditional love ❤

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