Doesn’t sound sexy but pays the bills . . . . (I should know. I am a freelancer)

Green Comma has 17 manuscripts for light copyediting ready to be assigned by 3/2.

TOPICS:These are similar to academic whitepapers, in the social sciences, written by experts in their fields for an international audience.

Styling is the key and consistency. You don’t have to worry about language editing unless something gets stuck in your craw (if you don’t know that expression, don’t apply).


  • Word 2007 (NO EXCEPTIONS). The manuscripts are tagged and we’ll lose the tags if we open and save in another version. If you don’t want to download it, no need to read further.
  • If you DO want to download Word 2007 and run it on the same system with another version of Word, we can provide instructions.
  • Fast turnarounds. Manuscripts range from 250 to 650 pages. The smaller manuscripts will be done in 5–6 days each.
  • Rate is $2 a page .
  • Adherence to style guidelines is imperative. Queries to authors discouraged. Consistency, syntax, grammar, spellings, style most important.
  • Experience in academic copyediting a plus; general copyediting a must.


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