How to Turn Your House into a Rain Forest?

-The benefits of having a Breathing Wall

First of all, you need to have a wall! Then you can leave the rest of the work to GreenCube, we will help you to flourish plants anywhere you want, and the mist and sunlight will create a fantastic environment for the plants to grow. Close your eyes, take a deep breathe, smell the grass, you will believe you are in a rain forest.

What we have created for you is a Breathing Wall. The Breathing Wall seeks to bring a pleasant lifestyle by relieving stress from the people living in modern cities. Our service focuses on the environment, food supply and aesthetics.

The Breathing Wall can be a beautiful addition to concrete buildings and also works as a unique air purifier in crowded cities. The breathing wall will attract people’s attention to green concepts and create relaxing environment.

The concept of the Breathing Wall comes from historical evidence of nature triumphs over the concrete jungle. The Breathing wall is the highest representation of collaboration between artifacts and nature. Combining different surfaces with green plants using design and aesthetic elements to promote benefits of better air quality, extra food supply, appealing visual environment, adjust the temperature regulation and most importantly, improve people’s emotional health.

To maintain a regular Breathing Wall, the consumer needs to water, fertilize, and cut extra branches to encourage healthy growth. GreenCube’s modular structure design will make the maintenance and replacing of the plants easy, simple and fast.

No one Breathing Wall is similar to the other.