The Law Everyone Should Hate
Clay Johnson

“The SYSTEM”- runs on paper work!!! Look

at any Bill that comes to the floor of the

Senate, Reims of PAPER stacked high.

Paper cost MONEY. I am sure that the

Internet would a cheaper way!

However, who in Washington cares about

“A Cheaper Way” ??? Duh !!! Or Dept!,

Or Jobs! Or the PEOPLE’S HEALTH!??? BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!! Go down the list

same old things. Same old lies.

President Obama stated in His first Inau-

guration speech that, “He could not do it

without the PEOPLES HELP”!

Did the People help? No they didn’t, they

(after selecting him), went about their

personal lives.

NOW! Candidate Bernie Sanders is calling

for a “REVOLUTION”,of the PEOPLE! He also needs the assistance of “YOU!”, HE

CAN NOT DO ANYTHING, WITHOUT “YOU!!!”. Remember; “ It’s, WE THE PEOPLE!”. First, VOTE, then stand up, get

behind whomever you have voted for! Do

not simply think because you voted, you

are done! Get those fingers to working!

Find out who your Representative is (they

have phone numbers, email address’, and

offices). Let them know you are concerned

VOTER. You care about what their stance

on the issues are! Tell them how, “YOU FEEL”, that “WE THE PEOPLE”, are watch-

ing! Put their number in your FAVORITES

so you can get into “A HABIT” of contact-

ing them. You' ll only get someone who is

answering the phone, they probably won’t

Email you back. However, they will make a note. You are “WE THE PEOPLE, STAND

Up”!!! People get those fingers busy!!! Remember, We are in a REVOLUTION, “YOUR FINGER IS YOUR WEAPON! USE

IT !!!