David Smith

If you don’t understand why you were being creepy and irrational, and why you have just doubled up on that with your latest silliness, show all the posts to a rational grown-up and ask them what they think.

I’ve wasted too much time on your case now, you proved what a wacky, blinkered, incorrigible type you are quite early on. In case you are labouring under the delusion that I care one jot about what you personally think, then you need to re-evaluate your opinion. I care about the fact that there are lots of types like you who can vote who can’t seem to grasp scientific reality, even when they are spoonfed why they are making errors. I care that the Internet has allowed scientifically illiterate bloggers to spread idiocy and conspiracy theories, and irresponsible wingnut freemarket thinktanks and lobbyists to spread deceitful propaganda.

People like me and Miriam “Sou” O’ Brien publicly counter the weird and twisted baloney that has fooled people like you purely so that the watching reading audience, most of who won’t have the specialist knowledge to see the deceit and ignorance behind your rhetoric, which has been honed to look self-consistent and plausible, rather like the delusions of some paranoid schizophrenics can seem reasonable if you only listen to their views and “evidence”. We drive types like you, who usually initially misrepresent themselves as sceptics, until you start to show “what lies beneath” so that the readers can see that no matter how sensible people like you might seem to be at first, just scratch the surface and the crackpottery, ignorance, blind eye turning and conspiracy type ideology shines forth.

From earlier on I wrote:

“There is something very wrong in the way that people like you have such extreme confidence in your incredibly weak case. You have hundreds of “arguments” that your ilk regularly parade but virtually none of them have any validity”

I gave you enough rope to humiliate yourself in public and, by extension, all those others who think like you, and you obliged. Thanks! Hopefully those readers who may have been wavering, due to the highly deceptive nature of the pseudo-science rubbish you promulgate, can see through types like you better now. I suppose what we anti-propagandists do is rather like immunising the public against viruses. By deconstructing the delusionosphere’s deceit and nuttiness, we hope the public get “immunised” against getting fooled again.