We welcome you to our Green foot paradise; Sri Lanka is the most unique and popular tourist destination for Sun Worshippers who enjoy the tranquillity of golden beaches. Whilst there is a lot more than. A fine blends of culture with mouth — watering Sri Lankan food, Ayurvedic, ritual dance, Agro culture and vibrant nightlife. Open hand for responsible tourism, Glory of ancient cities with stupendous monuments, Sculpture, Carvings and huge man-made lakes and landscaped garden. Exotic wildlife where the Asian elephant the biggest mammal on land roams and marine sanctuaries blend with whales and dolphin. Breathtaking coolest hills stations covered with green carpets of tea and unparalleled highest biodiversity, as we take you on an unbeatable island adventure with our every holiday package

Green foot travels with its team of professional and experienced staff, carefully selected partners will cater exclusive designed holiday packages and tailor made tours to suit our discerning visitor’s budget and preferences from individual to group tours and will ensure you and unforgettable holiday.

As we say Ayubowan (may you live long), we also hope to see you visit us, over and over again. May the time you spend in our Island be filled with exciting experiences — memories of which you will carry long after you leave our shores