Blog Post #2: GS Green Generation & LEAP Collaboration

By: Sophie Roberts (Grade 11)

At Green School there are many groups working to help the environment, each with imaginative and unique tactics. The LEAP program led by Pak Mau and Pak Noan recently began investigating the effects of climate change on coral reefs, and is working towards finding ways to restore these colorful ecosystems. After a teacher trip to Menjangan Island, Mau was inspired to develop biorocks; manmade structures with a rocky coating that help nurse coral back to life. On August 28, the LEAP students and teachers went snorkeling at the Sanur Reef to see the beautiful coral, led by marine biologist, Pak Noan. According to students Chayton Thompson and Jetsun Rama, the reefs in Sanur were not completely destroyed and actually quite amazing to see. However, the students are aware that these coral ecosystems are at serious risk of deteriorating due to ocean acidification, increasing temperatures, and bleaching (among other human damage). In order to build biorocks to help the coral, the LEAP team learned that this would require daily maintenance which may not be possible for them to invest in at this time. Despite potential difficulties, these students and teachers may have an opportunity to freedive in order to set up biorock structures. An eco resort on Gili Air has offered to help the group assess coral on this freedive for little to no cost. Although this resort was so kind to offer such a discount, Thompson and Rama explain that there are multiple steps in order to achieve this goal. In order to take action, the group has set up a juice selling fundraiser on campus so they can increase their budget. Hopefully the LEAP students will be able to see this innovative project through to its achievement.