Getting Ready for the Olympic Moment!

I remember the first time I ever cared about the Olympics, It had to have been the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.. For whatever reason we had family guests staying at our home, you know the families that have kids your same age and as kids it’s the best you get along really well, you run around and pretend your human Heroes or whatever… anyways then a few years go by and you meet up with the family and you realize you have nothing in common with the kid your age but you’re forced to hangout and it gets weirder every year cause you’re just way different. All the sudden they have a mop head hair cut and way weird dark glasses and you don’t even really know what to talk about, cause all they care about is some weird magic the gathering game and they don’t even know who Usher is…

Anyways back to the Olympic’s… So its 96' or like I said before it had to be 96… I mean it was 96 and the Olympics are on and all the sudden I see this man running like a bat out of hell, there are about 34 silverback gorillas fiercely chasing him out of the jungle and onto the track… well it actually seemed that way by how fast he was running. Michael Johnson ran so fast and so smooth it did something to my brain… He won the gold medal and shattered the world record, he ran with that gold chain around his neck. I felt so proud to be American watching him shatter the competition. I wanted to be Michael Johnson, I began running around outside pretending to be him. For whatever reason I started learning about track and field and learning about Carl Lewis the legend. Looking back, how could the simplest sport, literally people just running around an oval spark this interest into the Olympics for me.

Track and Field literally means nothing to most people for 3 years and 11 months, than all the sudden we care, it takes our breathe away. Its THE biggest moment, honestly I just got the chills thinking about the Olympics and thinking about these athletes that in are competing in their sport’s BIGGEST MOMENT. We get to see the determination and focus translated from of years of hard work then manifested in the Olympics. I think that’s why I tear up when I watch the Olympics. Theres a movie called Jesse and Celeste forever, one of the scenes Andy Sandberg is alone wathing reruns of the beijing Olympics and is getting emotional, this guy gets it!!! Dont cry for me argentina! But cry for your country please!!! These people spend their whole life working for this goal and then here they are, and either they win or they don’t but its just this MOMENT!!! Like live in the freaking moment Bro, its the Olympics. I remember living in NYC during the 2012 Olympics, you’d be walking down the street and then all the sudden you’d hear some cheering from the restaurants and bars, you’d run in and see a US sprinter or whoever fiercely running to take a lead and the place would explode!!!!!! That red, white and blue just makes you all kinds of happy and pumped up when you see it. I am sure other colors do things for other people. How about that moment when the torch was lit in the 92 Olympics in Barcelona, watch it here go to the 4:00 Mark. GOSH! the guy lit a freaking arrow on FIRE AND SHOT IT LIKE A MILE IN THE AIR! like whatttttttt? If that doesn’t get you ready to stand up and throw bricks at walls during the Olympics then go back to Tucson. I don’t even care if that somehow was an optical illusion (China Olympic Fireworks) That stuff is insane! So we have Track and Field that brings out the fastest man on earth title, and essentially the Fastest Man ever. That is what is so great about this race, they are literally racing against the competition but also against Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Maurice green and Usain Bolt.

If you beat a world record in Track, Swimming etc, there isn’t a oh the competition is weaker, this person would have beat them in their time etc. No, the race is the same and they are going against pure time, its truly such a sweet Olympic Moment. This year is going to be interesting, Usain Bolt has become more than a legend the past two Olympics, as he has won his races and beat world times very easily. However, Usain comes in to the Olympics with a hamstring injury as well as having lost to Justin Gatlin this past year. Well Justin Gatlin is 34 years old!!!!! Like how is a 34 year old the fastest human in the world… And then Usain is 29 which isn’t super old but still oldish thinking this is his 3rd Olympic games.

Track’s newest stars America’s Trayvon Bromell and Canada’s Andre De Grasse have both challenged Usain and Justin this year. These guys tied for the bronze medal in the world championships. How in the world do two people run the exact time. Here is a great article about these four runners My prediction is that A gorilla attacks Usain the night before and Bromell surprises everyone wins the gold and becomes the next star of track for the next 10 years. No for real, it would be awesome if Justin Gatlin could come out as the old man and after years of getting dominated by Usain. It would be the best moment for an washed up old dude since Hook remembered how to fly.

Anyways enough about Track, I could go off on a lot of other sports but its 1:10 Am in the morning and I don’t feel like researching all that stuff cause really lets just focus on one thing at a time people. When you wake up, the Olympics will be close to starting and for 3 Weeks we get to be in THE MOMENT, we get to do it together and cheer and cry and have the best 3 damn weeks of sports of the year. See you in the Morning Bob Costas.