Why did I go to Mexico City?

After spending 3 days in Mexico City, I can’t think of a word to describe how much this city has been something beyond amazing. When I was telling people I was going to Mexico City,the people kept asking me why? My mom actually kept trying to talk me out of going to the capital of Mexico, citing that it was too dangerous. Obviously this didn’t stop me, because I knew what I wanted. I wanted the culture of Mexico, I wanted amazing food,architecture and art; and I had heard Mexico City was booming with all of the above. When Americans think of Mexico, we think about touristy cities nestled by clear beaches with cheap bartering of useless goods. Although places like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo can bring us relaxation and good times, they lack the beautiful culture of Mexico City.

I want to highlight what stood out to me, I am sure there are a ton of places and aspects of CDMX that I have missed, however this is my experience and what captured my mind. The food takes every Mexican taste into prime perfection, the art and architecture in cdmx is so complex in creativity.

Like any good city there are distinct little neighborhoods that have their own unique feel. Almost every neighborhood in Mexico city is full of trees and colorful buildings, I spent most of my time in three neighborhoods: La Condessa, La Roma and El Polanco. These neighborhoods are some of the more upscale artsy neighborhoods, we were able to get a lot with our money in these neighborhoods due to a weak peso.

We went to this library where the library shelves are descending from the ceiling, it was the most complex idea I’ve ever seen in real life. It felt like I was inside the girl in the movie Inception’s brain. It was unworldly, that’s one thing I like about the Mexican culture, they think a lot about dreams. I got a Spanish minor in college and read a lot of Mexican literature. The culture is extremely superstitious and really into their dreams. The art is so out there, and so beautiful at the same time. So thinking about the readings and the way the culture interpret dreams. This library is only something a Mexican could dream of and think “oh ok let’s have books seem like they are hanging from the skies” and then actually make it work. As I walked around the library it was like all this literature was being handed down from the sky, which is also another cool insight. It felt like I was in that National Treasure movie trying to find some hidden treasure but also In the movie interstellar looking for Murph. As I saw all these people studying at the library I couldn’t help but think about what their dreams were and what was happening in their lives. What were they reading? What were they looking for? This library is constructed so differently and it’s just inspiring.

The food has been amazing, we had this tuna tostada that left a very delicate taste that kept us wanting more. The different options of sweet bread has given us sweet dreams. However one food I will think about for years to come, we went to this place called El Tumix that makes purely pork tacos. It’s this kinda dumpy little place, the pork was cooked together in this sketchy Pan marinated in this sauce, it didn't matter it was sketchy because it was amazing. After I ate the tacos, I was sure that I had never had a better pork taco. I felt so complete and refreshed, in all honestly it was spiritual.

Mexico City is interesting in that there are a bunch of “trendy” neighborhoods with smart educated people. I was not surprised by this, but unfortunately I think Americans have a stereotype that Mexicans aren’t that, I will tell you that they are very much so. They are into family and proven by their architecture and history of art they have one of the most creative cultures. The bittersweet part of Mexico is how cheap everything is, and maybe I’m mad at myself for enjoying the benefits of this. A huge discrepancy exists between the poor and rich, the high class people live a very lavish life. But because there is such a huge difference between the classes there is a economy that is pretty poor, which allows travelers to come and enjoy living the high life for relatively cheap. We went to see a studio by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, which was awesome to see how important they were to Mexico both culturally and politically. It was cool to see where they worked and where tons of their inspiration happened. Right next to their studio is a hotel called the San Angel inn, we decided to have lunch there, it had a very nice open garden. As our lunch went on, more people filed in and these people were dressed very well,even sophisticated, all the people looked beautiful. The guys looked very important and looked like they were involved in some important business and probably mafia deals. The women were so fashionable and glam. It was clear that this was the place some of the more “important” people of the city come to brunch. It was interesting to see this part of the culture.

There is this gigantic park like Central Park of NYC, we went to this awesome castle in it that’s is on top of the mountain and looks over everything. This is the coolest castle I’ve been to, mostly because of it’s open floor plans, rooms that overlook the whole city and park, and garden on top. I imagined what it be like to be the king of a city and be able to wake up walk around and think of your city and what needed to happen. One part of the cultural that is super apparent at parks,is that this city loves PDA. And it’s not just like a nice fun hi how are you smooch, it’s like a full on swear they are listening to peaches and cream let’s get it on smooch. They are shameless, which I guess is pretty cool they just feel comfortable making out passionately in front of everyone. One time I was walking into a hotel and this teenager was in this car and he looked at me very shy as I was passing, as I passed I noticed his girlfriends pants were halfway down. And honestly don’t think he was nervous I was walking by, I think he was a little unsure of what he was doing. But after having seeing all these people re-creating Free Willy in the public, I laughed as I walked past this kid and gave him a thumbs up. I don’t share this to say their culture is promiscuous, I share it cause it’s part of the culture, they are loving and open about it and it’s kind of refreshing. The people here are so nice and open. I met a girl on bumble to see what locals here do on a weekend night, she invited me to go hangout with her friends, they were all architects and really nice people and accepting. They took me to this old school salsa place, they were all good at moving their hips. I’d say things were going well until we got at the salsa place, reminder Americans aren’t great salsa dancers. I got an uber home, which uber is amazing and super cheap here, you can get around anywhere. It is fun to see the name of your new Uber driver each time, like Alberto, Umberto, Juan, Jose, all really fun names.

We went out to this ranch that was designed by this Luis Barragan guy who apparently is a famous architect, it was very unique. Luis created it for his friend and also as a place for them to ride horses. The ranch is very modern simple and cool, tons of pink walls and a very clear pool to complete any instagram bloggers need. My friend who is an architect got to sign this book of all these different architects that had been there. That is why you work hard at your craft because one day you get to do coool stuff like sign your name with other people that are into what you’re into and you have this privilege and association into these cool clubs in her instance being an architect.

Anyways, Mexico City is a place that you should go. There is so much to do, and you will find yourself in awe of how amazing it is.