How Packaging Preserves The Quality and Durability Of The Products Inside

Ecological Packaging Products

The packaging of the product relates to the planning, creating, manufacturing, wrapping, boxing, or bottling of goods for local consumer or industrial markets. The packaging industry plays a role in nearly all of the industries and manufacturing establishments. Packaging industry sector is one of the largest occupation, requiring professionals and specialists from various different fields. Mainly these specialists are from the mechanical and electrical engineering background and further from physical and organic chemistry, food technology, sales, communications, marketing, production, printing, and graphic design.

As the manufacturing of packaging product went up, it took employments to the heights. Careers could be developed at packaging industry. It supports careers from some creative sections like packaging designers and graphic designers, who create an appealing package from the prototype that will be used as a marketing link between the items and the potential consumer. The most common types of packaging are those made of paper board or rigid plastic. As for now, the government of many countries is persistently forcing a ban on all the plastic products. This has affected many plastic packaging industries. With a decrease in plastic, products like paper bags, and boxes, cotton bags, jute bags etc are more in the trend.

In India, the Packaging industry is among the high growth industries and is growing at the rate of 25% per year. India has formally become and is preferred hub for the packaging industry. Jute bags and paper bags are among the highest manufactured packaging products in India. Packaging industry of India is currently the 5th largest sector of India’s economy. This packaging industry has reported steady growth over the past few decades and shows high potential for much expansion in the near future, particularly in the export market. Costs of processing and packaging food can be up to 40% lower than parts of Europe which, combined with India’s resources of skilled labor, make it an attractive venue for investment. A high degree of potential exists for almost all user segments which are expanding appreciably-processed foods, hard and soft drinks, fruit and marine products. Packaging is not just limited to the food products, it expands to the clothing, shipping, courier etc sectors. Many clothing brands have started using Paper bags, cotton bags, jute bags and basket bags for their products.


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