Photo Storage App for Android Systems!

Whether it was your birthday celebration, or a trip with best friends, or the marriage of your sister, you would always capture the moments on your phone. And why not? Those moments are the best of your life. We will cherish them always. To keep these photos safely, you may have tried photo storage App for Android. As these photos are special, you may not want to lose them by any chance.

A perfect photo storage app comes with special features that will provide a good storage as well as the safety of your photos. It will provide backup for your photos. It will also recover deleted photos.

We have a special photo storage App designed for you. It not only saves you photos but also helps recover deleted photos from Android phones. It is Snap Backup. This App will keep your photos very safe. Plus if you miss the phone by any chance or it gets damaged or stolen, yet this App will give you the photos back. Yes! Snap Backup understands how important your memories are. You can save all your photos here and rely on this App.

This App stands out of all the other similar Apps available. It even restores the photos that got deleted from your phone. The photos that you love the most and save on Snap Backup are saved on the server. The server does this for you.

Snap Backup is a unique photo storage app for android that safeguards your photo memories in an efficient way. It has few significant features which can’t be overlooked.

· Portable to any device with ease

· Easily classified the photos alphabetically, date-wise, size-wise, etc.

· Resolution of photos remains intact. It does not get affected.

· This App supports many formats like .jpg, .tiff, .png, .gif, etc.

· Extendable memory up to 50 GB

You must try out Snap Backup at least once. It is an awesome photo storage app and we know you will love it. You can share your image with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus and more. It is a very safe method to keep your photo in an original way.