Is Working For This Startup Is The Right Move?

Coming to evaluate if a specific startup is a good option for you?

You should check it from several different angles as the risk/reward is very different from a mature company.

Here are few aspects that I will try to validate.

  • Do you like the people?
     Culture fit is the critical because you need to work with your team mates every day and spend a LOT of time with them, especially if the startup is early stage. If you aren’t having fun with them… Will it be worth the time?
    How do you figure this out? Try to go out for a drink or lunch. When you hang out you could learn a lot by talking on life and see how they treat others.
Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.03.41
  • Are you passionate about the company vision?
     This is a key driver of your success at the startup. If you passion about the product — It will keep you motivated and gets you excited even in the challenging days.
  • Is this a career move or a job switch?
     Will you grow professionally in this company? If you do not see potential for career growth, then likely it will not last long enough. It should give you an opportunity to grow. For real.
  • Fast forward few years (3+) and see how this job will help you get closer to your long term career goals.
  • Hunch — Like in many intersection in life.
     Check what your hunch is telling you. Does it feel like the right move to you?

At the end of the day, be ready to a rollercoaster
Lots of up and down. If you think you will enjoy the ride — go for it.

Good luck!

Originally published on Ido Green