Greenlam Industries Limited — Beautifying the Area around You

Wooden Furnishings are always in vogue. Realizing the potential of wood-centric products, Greenlam Industries has brought forward excellent quality engineered laminates. Owing to which, it has emerged as the third largest producer of laminates in Asia. The manufacturing capacity of this conglomerate can be understood with its branches in different directions.

Products and Brands by Greenlam Industries

Greenlam Industries have expanded to every possible region of the laminate industry. Some of the major products by laminates are mentioned below:

· Brand — Mikasa Floors, Product- Real Wood Floorings

Greenlam brings forth the beautiful range of heavy-duty wooden floorings with Mikasa Floors. These engineered wooden floorings are devoid of the disadvantages of real hardwood and can handle heavy foot traffic. The planks are locked together with the help of PlanckLoc technology that eliminates the use of glue.

· Brand — Clads, Product — Interior and Exterior Grade Laminates

The Greenlam laminates catalogue of Clads includes high-quality interior and exterior grade laminates. Some of the features of such laminates include light fastness, resistance to corrosion and acid rain, fire-retardant etc.

· Brand — Sturdo, Product — Commercial Restrooms and Cubicles

Greenlam Sturdo focuses on servicing the needs of commercial places in form of high-quality cost effective restroom cubicles and other such commercial essentials.

· Brand — New Mika, Product — Decorative Laminates

New Mika brings forth high quality decorative laminates that are appropriate to be installed on surfaces like walls, as kitchen counter tops, on study table etc. These laminates are ideal to be installed at commercial, official, hospitality and residential complexes. Negligible maintenance and high durability account for the popularity of the product.

· Brand — Deco Wood Veneers, Product — Decorative Veneers

Deco Wood Veneers is dedicated to producing high quality decorative veneers. Each design in Greenlam laminates catalogue by this brand has an exotic appeal and also stands by the promise of quality and excellence assured by Greenlam. For more details visit