How to Prepare an Air Conditioner If You Are Going for a Long Vacation?

Wondering how you should prepare your air conditioning system before going on a long vacation? Read more to find out now.

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Before setting out on your wonderful vacation, there’s some housekeeping to be done. Today, we’ll be discussing what exactly needs to be done with your HVAC system when you leave your home for a long period.

Why you should prepare your air conditioner if you are going on a vacation

Should you turn off the air conditioner completely or leave it on while you’re away? If you’re worried about saving energy and keeping your air conditioning costs low while you are away, turning it off completely is a great option. However, experts recommend that turning the thermostat up high is the better way to go about this. That said, it all comes down to how long your actual vacation is.

What to do if you are going for a short vacation?

If you are away for just a day or two, it would be best to turn your thermostat up a few degrees and leaving the air conditioner on. This is because, if you were to come back to a hot and humid home after your vacation, it would put an additional and potentially damaging strain on your air conditioner. Therefore, by leaving it on for a couple of days, at a higher than normal temperature, will prevent heat and humidity build-up. And so, when you turn it back on again, the air conditioner itself will not be strained and you won’t need to call in ac repair services in case it gets damaged.

What to prepare your air conditioner if you are going for a long vacation?

For longer vacations where no one will be home for a week or two, turning the air conditioning off completely is the best way to save energy. If you do have a programmable thermostat on your system, you can set it to start cooling your home again the day before your expected return. This way, you can come back to comforting home.

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The Weather of Your Area

Check the weather reports before you head out on the trip. This way, you can set up your air conditioner accordingly to regulate temperatures within your home. If the weather promises to be mild, you can leave the system off. However, if the forecast calls for scorching heat, you should leave your air conditioning turned on.

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Heat Retention and Insulation

The insulation and protection against heat vary from home to home. If your home is well-equipped with proper insulation, double-glazed windows, and other heat infiltration methods, you can leave your air conditioning system off without worrying about excess heat buildup. Additionally, by ensuring that air leaks are closed out, you can keep the cooler air in your home longer, thereby not overworking your air conditioner.


Before heading out on your vacation this summer, it’s important to consider what you’ll be doing with your air conditioner. After all, no one wants to come to an uncomfortable humid environment after a relaxing vacation. Check the local weather, and adjust your air conditioner according to your vacation time and you’ll be set. Enjoy your vacation!

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