How I Finally Got Serious About My Health
Gary Vaynerchuk

I couldn’t agree more!

For years I have only tried short game tactics to lose weight and I have only set my self up for failure.

“I what to lose 10 kg in the next 3 months which i fucking failed on every time”

So I hacked it in a few ways by exploring what makes me tic and stick to getting healthy?

  • I needed to change my mindset to a long game play, get healthy not lose weight to remove that focus
  • I needed to set long goals, and I set my goal to “train 2–3 a week for a year”
  • I needed to be find a social sport
  • I needed to find a sport that vary on type of exercises it had to be fun
  • I needed a sport that has a gaming element because I need to see results just not on my weight.
  • I needed accountability which is my kids as I what to live 20yr more to see them grow up! But I also got a set of friend now where we are pushing each other to workout which gives the part like a personal trainer.

So I gave Crossfit a try and I got ALL the elements I was looking for and I haven’t looking back since I started Jan. 2015.

“ I found my religion …Crossfit”

Getting a fulfillment on all the needs I had made me stick to my goal without a lack of motivation, it just comes naturally and I think this is where a lot of people go wrong!

“Don’t fucking join a gym if you hate the gym”

Like in business find what u love to do!

Thanks for the always great content!