Why we created Duuoo!

I proudly present Duuoo, the tool over which our team has been losing sleep these last months.

With Duuoo you can automate the tedious work of setting up 1-on-1s with your team members and focus on talking points that matter most. After all, 68% of people leave their manager, not their job.

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of managing multiple teams. It’s in my nature to be people-centric, I am quite an extrovert guy after all. But me liking to interact with people didn’t mean that I was a good manager.

The problem today with some managers is that many get promoted because of their professional skills, not their leadership abilities. Companies have a great need for having great managers and although someone excels in professional skills doesn’t mean she is going to be a great leader.

Leadership after all is another skill that can be — and should be — developed over the years. Duuoo helps this process by automating the process of setting up regular 1-on-1s with your team members . This helps you keep focus on people, not on the tedious process.

Ping Pong tables won’t fix your people problem

Company perks are great but let’s face it: buying a Ping Pong table and providing gourmet lunches won’t solve the core problem. Management has a direct impact on turnover and retention rates. It is my belief that this is a problem that has to be fixed.

Our vision at Duuoo is to help managers become better and change the way they interact with their team.

What matters the most in my opinion and what I think is absolutely the future of HR is the one on one nature of it” — Gary Vaynerchuck

Organisations change. Deal with it!

Today’s organization has moved a long way away from a hierarchical approach where orders come top down toward a value and vision driven organization. Today’s organizations are agile, dynamic and innovative operating in a highly globalized and complex reality.

The biggest asset today is the company’s employees and an emphasis on coaching, motivation and personal development is vital to retain and attract a top-notch workforce.

Most workplaces today are organized in teams with a high degree of autonomy and each employee is appointed both responsibilities and competences of decisionmaking. To bring out the best in all teams as well as in all employees personal management is required.

At Duuoo we believe in a 360 degree approach where getting around all areas of the human resources sphere inspires, motivates and engages today’s employee.

Your employees are not engaged. Fix it!

According to research by Gallup 68% of your employees are not engaged at work and 70% of your people who quit leave because managers are unable to build relations and build trust with their employees. The crazy part about those numbers is that this problem can be fixed — and hence enter Duuoo.

The Duuoo Conversation Engine is based upon massive research in the field of work psychology, social science and coaching and provides you with strong and meaningful talking points that enable you to conduct 1-on-1s that matter for both the employee, the manager and the company.

At Duuoo we believe in the science of generating and providing the right question at the right moment. A question has to be powerful, relevant and meaningful or as Ernest Hemingway once put it:

A sensible question is neither a delight nor an annoyance.

To get the best outcome with Duuoo it’s essential for the manager to be prepared and to give full attention to the employee during the 1-on-1 sessions. And that I believe is what makes Duuoo great — it encourages you to be the great manager you want to become.

The results

Implementing 1-on1s with your team has some proven advantages, some of them are:

  1. Higher Retention — lower churn rates
  2. High degree of Innovation (via Feedback and Learnings across teams and organization)
  3. Workforce Development
  4. Integration of company Culture, Mission, Vision and Strategy.
  5. Alignment and Work Structure
  6. Relationship & Trust
  7. Accountability
  8. Higher Motivation
  9. Lower Sick leave rate
  10. Higher Productivity
  11. Higher work Efficiency
  12. Higher job satisfaction

Stop thinking. Start doing!

There are plenty of great e-books and courses out there helping managers to become better at their jobs. They are great for making you think about the issues at hand but most of them stop there. They might impact your thinking but your daily behaviour won’t really change.

What needs to be changed is your daily mentality. You have to change old habits. And that is hard. According to psychological research a person has to repeat a process at 26–30 times before it becomes a habit.

Duuoo can help you with that.