The future is too complex for anyone to have a plan, we have to learn to do things differently.

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We’re in a time where the future is hidden from us. There is such uncertainty, such complexity in every direction, that no-one can see how we are going to get through to somewhere a little less dark. In this swirl of potential apocalypses the desire to find a hero, to find a great leader with a plan, rises all around us. We’ve spent the last few years obsessed with super heroes, surely now is the time for one to rise up and save us?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for anyone to have a plan. There is simply no way that any individual, any organization or even any culture, could come up with a sure-fire plan that could navigate the coming years. There are too many variables, too many unknowns. Surviving the next century will require knowledge and skill from every direction and every background. …

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I’ve got nothing to do with @mural. I just started using the tool a few weeks ago. I have however found myself very excited, and getting into it more and more. It’s opened up a different form of meeting for me. One where I can allow conversation to begin around a topic, and then guide along some “rails” by creating a collaborative space on the fly. It feels like making art with meetings. (And I don’t really know how to use it that well, yet)

We’re exploring new ways of doing, being and working. It’s a long journey. We’d like to share the path. This is a snapshot of some of what we found along the way.

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Newsletter #1 — September 2020

We’re out to ‘Change the nature of work’. We believe that doing this requires we strengthen the inner resources of the humans within an organization and create organizations that support that growth.

The end goal is to create people and organizations that thrive within an environment of continuous change.

We’re exploring a newsletter to share our personal voices, the conversations we have and the things we find. It’s far less filtered than what we say elsewhere.


  • Stuff we found online
  • Thoughts from our journals
  • Quotes and concepts that we found significant
  • Stories from our work
  • Practices that make a difference

Articles, resources and tools

Things we found…


Peter Brownell

It’s time to change the world. It’s time to create the future that we need. I seek the inflection points that can make tomorrow a better place.

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