GREENMAX stage running in good condition

With the continuous development of science and technology, product updates speed is fast-paced, but for something new that people have a very strong desire to want to have it before the old things to be how to deal with it?
Recently, GREENMAX exposed to any recycling business manager in an interview with reporters, said, GREENMAX stage running in good condition, it has been gradually recognized by consumers. He also bluntly, as well as support to be further rectify and standardize recovered regular army is facing pressures and challenges from a wide range of government departments and social forces in urgent need of China’s home appliance recycling industry.
Recovered amount of nearly thirty thousand website will be revised
Under consumers online orders, pick GREENMAX machine line, on-line GREENMAX to open a new situation of waste home appliances recycling O2O mode. Lu told reporters any, GREENMAX on-line since last June, has received orders for more than nine thousand sheets, electrical and electronic waste recycling have been around thirty sets (pieces).
“GREENMAX into the caravan will regularly organize community activities, exchange, recycling of waste electrical and electronic, to explain to the community residents to promote environmental knowledge.” Lu says any “unified community a good response to this event, the community often invited us to engage in community activities some residents will be waiting for us to take the initiative to pick. “
Lucy said the new GREENMAX introduction of foreign business philosophy, more emphasis on public welfare, no domestic this mode.

Regular expansion conceal embarrassing recycling industry
GREENMAX usher in a birthday at the same time, the Ministry of Finance announced the fourth installment of “waste electrical and electronic products subsidy fund companies list.” Together with the previously announced three batches, there are currently 107 funds were included in the scope of subsidies, Beijing, there are three: INTCO Environmental Protection Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Shandong Province hazardous waste disposal center, which is INTCO GREENMAX’s environmental recovery site.
Although China’s home appliance recycling industry to expand the size of the regular army again, but the whole recycling industry is still not lifted the embarrassment: regular army defeat the guerrillas, many informal recycling enterprises are faced with the dilemma of no rice.
Any dew said, according to incomplete statistics, Beijing waste electrical and electronic material produced about one million units a year, but really only to the regular recycling business more than three million units, more guerrillas were not recovered regular treatment.
This is not only the Beijing area. According to “China waste electrical and electronic products recycling and comprehensive utilization of industry White Paper 2013” content display, in 2013 China’s “four planes a brain” theory of the total amount of 109,801,800 units scrapped, but the actual amount of dismantling subsidies included in the list of processing enterprises just reached 40 million units, less than the amount of scrap processing capacity of four.
In any exposed opinion, the guerrillas directly impact the recycling industry, a retail system to the guerrillas relatively large, far higher than the informal sector, and the second is a comprehensive cost recovery guerrillas is very low. It is because of the presence of guerrillas, many regular army recovered in the case of the acquisition is less than the raw materials have to shut down frequently.
Appliance Recycling industry competition diluted profit
How to ensure the recovery of the amount in order to maintain the operation, this is the biggest problem faced by the regular army, the recovery channel diversification has become realistic approach. According nine positive Building Material understand, Huaxin Luyuan recycling channels, including a variety of recycling channels banana skin sites, the United States and other fixed electrical retailer cooperation, administrative institutions, enterprises, associations as well as waste materials distribution center, NGO organizations and colleges and universities. Any exposed said the average daily amount of dismantling Huaxin Luyuan is about 6,000, the current amount of recovered several channels are also about 6,000 units, the amount of recycling to meet the basic dismantling amount.
“Now the cost of recycling electronic waste are high, basically the funds are covered, our profits are compressed recyclers was particularly low, we also need the government to come forward to solve the problem of recycling,” Ren Lu said, “how to regulate personal recovery, this is a big problem now facing us. “
“There will be competition between the companies included in the fund subsidies,” Lucy said, ownership of electronic appliances have a process, not an annual phase-out are so many, there will be periodic in the phase-out is a fixed value case, recycling companies changed much, the recovery of prices is likely to become price.
In addition, with the upgrading of electrical and electronic products, product features more diversified, while the value of the product itself, but reduced material; on the other hand due to the product design process is not fully taking into account the convenience of dismantling, but also downstream enterprises great recycling challenge.
In this regard, Lucy believes that styrofoam recycling companies must first see the social, economic concerns go. He also stressed that the challenge of product upgrades, recycling companies have to change the way in dismantling, through equipment and technology to improve the process, the process costs down, in order to create value.