Waste PET plastic industry information

Oil prices continue to decline, the global economic slowdown. Bottle recycling, clean part of enterprises are small, not high-tech secondary pollution, water and waves, poor public image; staple serious shortage of companies operating rate, the high cost of raw materials, low capital efficiency, the amount of funds used Great; lack of long-fiber enterprise sector losses, investment in technology development; non-fiber alloy face technical bottlenecks.

Many recycled PET industry professionals, the future is full of worries! Old Hall as part of the industry is worried! PET industry as well as the future? Industry calls for new technologies emerge! Industry needs new technology, lead us to break through the fog of reality, found industry breakthrough way!
Hangzhou in late July, scorching heat wave. Average temperatures reach 41 degrees Celsius, become China’s hot! Here and now, Hangzhou Xiaoshan New Century, is also a hot spot, where the PET recycling industry, where many people, including four “Technical charm men”, they demonstrated technology that can lead us out of confusion? It can lead us to become a real breakthrough in the fog, to find the road industry breakthrough weapon it?
The first is on the bottle to bottle C-BTB and polystyrene recycling technology, which is the chemical bottle to bottle.
The second is the particle elutriation technique is a way to apply all clean lines, efficient recovery of small flakes of equipment. Can be 2–3% of the normal loss of small-sized scrap recycling back, increase the added value of bottle flakes cleaning, increase economic efficiency.
The third is the PET waste fiber recovery technology, is a kind of polyester silk waste using microwave technology for removing water, oil, and then pulverized degradation technology, and then back to native polymerization apparatus and PTA were cast using.
PET chemical recycling technology Reconstruction of the competitiveness of enterprises with styrofoam recycling machine.
1.PET/PE alloy for injection plus tools
2.PET/PE alloy extruded pipe
3.PET/PE luggage alloy sheet
4.PET/PE alloy thickening silk waste recycling