Picking up the paintbrush again

Brush strokes of faith and a tale to freedom

In the midst of our worldly matters where computers, televisions and gadgets swarm our homes, streets and every corner of the world — the realms of fine art is challenged against the growing trend of shorter patience, mental noise and economic dilemma of the majority. So if you’re just like me — we’re not getting any younger every second, we must pick up the brush again or a pen will do…and start to scribble on that canvas.

I would like to fight back for my real passion…illustration and fine arts. I have been practicing graphic design and digital marketing for many years and I just treated my passion in art as a hobby; it’s about time to stop, that’s not fair for a God-given talent.

And yes, the greatest motivator of art is the heart. When that muscle-packed heart starts beating our art will flow like water. It is never easy how to make our hearts beat, that’s why it takes a lot of great energy to create something from that imagination of ours, zooming in from the millions of thoughts and billions of colors.

My life is as colorful as a painter’s palette, so is everybody’s — it’s time to start creating and stop whining… pick up where you left off or start again… and it feels like going back home to where you really belong.

Lining up new brushes and old drawing pens. Starting with that familiar feeling of happiness.

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