Home retrofitting will take one hundred years under Fine Gael — Labour

Retrofits down 79% since 2011​

Wednesday 18th February 2015, Dublin.

The Green Party has today criticised new figures which show that the the level of home retrofits has fallen by 79% since 2011, and also revealed that under the current Government it would take at least one hundred years to retrofit the State’s entire housing stock. The figures show that retrofits have fallen from 47,500 in 2011, to 26,426 in 2013, to 13,710 in 2013, and a paltry 9,927 in 2014.

See graph at this link: http://www.ossiansmyth.ie/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/homes.png

Green Party Energy Spokesperson, Cllr Ossian Smyth said today: “There was a clear commitment in the Programme for Government to double funding for home energy efficiency up to 2013, and to roll out a ‘pay as you save’ scheme after that date. Neither of these things have happened, and in 2014 less than ten thousand homes have been upgraded.

“We live in a country where the State owns one of the largest banks and thousands of construction workers languish on social welfare; where is the joined up thinking to tackle these problems and make use of the resources we have, both in human and financial capital?

“Hard earned money is literally leaking out of hundreds of thousands of Irish homes. Many people want to make the upgrades to their homes, and are prepared to pay for the cost through savings on their energy bills, but they simply can’t do it without the credit to fund upgrades in the process.

“What we are seeing is a total failure from a succession of Labour ministers who have zero commitment to improving energy efficiency. Anyone serious about tackling our dependence on imported fossil fuels, protecting the most vulnerable from energy poverty, creating thousands of jobs, and doing what they can to tackle our emissions would be champing at the bit to expand this programme.”


Notes for Editors:

Home retrofits to take 100 years?

1,994,845 dwellings in Ireland according to census 2011: http://bit.ly/19vDOqE

50% of these homes have a D1 rating or worse: http://bit.ly/1E56L8v

<10,000 homes per year retrofitted, therefore 100 years to complete program.

Direct quote from Programme for Government:

“We will double funding for home energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes until the end of 2013, after which time these schemes will be ended. After 2013, we will roll out a ‘pay as you save’ scheme to continue home energy efficiency retrofitting work without recourse to public funding.​”

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