The Lawlessness of the High Seas
Lisa Speer

Thank you Lisa,

Thank you for raising these thought-provoking questions. And Ian, we completely agree with your response that marine reserves are an important part of the solution to ocean conservation. Networks of protected areas like you describe can help fish stocks rebound and increase resilience to the radical changes human activities have caused to the ocean.

We’d also like to dive further into the third point Lisa raised, about how to best conceptualize the link between human rights and environmental destruction on our oceans.

From our perspective, the two are fundamentally related. Much of the illegal activity taking place on our oceans can be traced back to a handful of major companies, which is also why wielding consumer power to pressure major seafood buyers — like supermarkets — is a strategy we think can work to tackle both of these challenges.

For the oceans,

Greenpeace USA

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