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Types of Industrial Storage Tanks and Their Uses

Storage tanks are the containers which are used to store liquid or gases for long or shorter period of time. The shape of the tanks is often of cylindrical shape, which stands perpendicular to the ground. The tanks are made after following regulations and such regulations are based on the kind of material stored in tanks. There are two types of storage tanks i.e. above the ground and underground and different sets of regulations are applied to both the sets.

Shapes of storage tanks:-

These tanks are available in various sizes and shapes, and the same varies according to its usage. Following are the shapes of tank;

• Vertical and horizontal cylinder

• Open and closed top

• Flat bottom

• Cone bottom

Features of industrial storage tank:-

The industrial storage tank is available in various features and all of it depends on the fluid or materials which need to be stored within the tank. Some of the features of these tanks are listed below;

• Usual capacity of a cylindrical tank with a fixed roof is 200,000 liters.

• The liquid in the tanks are prone to evaporation or spilling out hence the best quality products are used for the manufacturing of such tanks. Not only this, it is important that they are handled properly such that no damage is caused to the tanks.

• Floating roofs are also available which rises or falls depending on the level of liquid inside the tank. The floating roofs are considered as one of the safety measures adopted by the industries and it also prevents pollution in or outside the industry areas.

Types of Industry storage tank:-

There are various types of tanks available in the market which varies in terms of their shape, usage and also the material which can be store within it. Let’s have a look at some of the types of tanks;

• High pressure: These tanks are often of cylindrical or horizontal shape and are used to store high pressure gases. The tanks are built in a way such that can tolerate immense pressure which gets exerted from the gas.

• Atmospheric tank: These tanks are used for holding the liquid at atmospheric pressure.

• Thermal storage tank: It is a form of season tanks which are used for over large areas for insulation and is also covered with earth berms. These earth berms circulate the heat which has been collected during the summer seasons, and can now be used for heating up of the water.

Same goes with ice tanks which are used to keep things cold for short term and are used in air conditioners, refrigerators and thus provide cool water and air during the hot part of the day or night.

Failures of industrial storage tank:-

There are multiple types of storage tank which are used for varied purposes in the industry, but along with its usage come along with the failure which warns us to be cautious while using such tanks. The accidents occur mostly because of the low quality materials used for the manufacture of tanks or mishandling, so it becomes important that the industries using such tanks take care of these to ensure safety within the industry. Keeping the above in mind, one can easily enjoy the benefits and various uses of Industrial storage tank.

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